Rondo Building Services  manufactures and supplies lighter gauge roll formed steel products at a cost effective price. Rondo Building Services, established in 1964, has emerged as a leader in the manufacture of steel products. They now operate throughout Asia and Middle East.

Rondo Building Services was established by W.H.Cuckson. They started off manufacturing metal zips for the clothing industry. Later, Rondo Building Services launched their first suspended ceiling system, originally known as Rondo Lock Concealed System and now called Rondo Classic.

In 1965, Rondo Building Services launched a sophisticated ceiling system which is known as Rondo Key lock. A range of steel stud dry wall sections had been released in 1968. By about 1970, full fledged exporting of various products begun. The years from 1970 to 1990 witnessed remarkable growth in Rondo Building Services with the company establishing offices in many localities.