Flame Fire heaters from Rinnai Australia help create the warmth and ambience of a traditional flame fire in the home.

Rinnai’s Sapphire, Symmetry and 752 ranges of Flame Fires eliminate the need for a traditional open fire, and offer the environment-friendly performance of gas-powered heaters. Rinnai’s Flame Fires have impressive heat output and 4+ star energy ratings, and burn natural gas, one of the cleanest fuels available.

Combined with high energy efficiency, Rinnai’s new Flame Fire heaters offer a green and cost effective way to heat the living space, while still producing the ambience of an open fire.

The Symmetry range comes in new stylish square fascia options while the award winning 752 range will have a new media option in white quartz rocks on a bed of white pebbles. The Sapphire range will soon be introduced with new classic fascia options.

Key features of Rinnai’s new Flame Fire heaters:

  • Inbuilt and freestanding options (Sapphire only)
  • Customisable styles and energy-efficient, cost-effective performance
  • Adjustable traditional or modern flame styles to integrate into any room decor
  • Glass (Sapphire/752) or wire mesh (Symmetry) dress guard for added safety and protection
  • Can heat large open spaces with high efficiency
  • Fully thermostatic with programmable timers
A new Rinnai ‘Fire’ app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play to see how a flame fire will look in any home.