Various educational projects ranging from preschool to university facilities have been completed by Richard Crookes Constructions . Some of the major innovations of Richard Crookes Constructions are now regarded as a standard for industry.

About ninety educational facilities have been finished by Richard Crookes Constructions over the last one and half decades for NSW department of education and training, NSW department of commerce, independent and private universities and schools.

Co-operation and flexibility is maintained while working inside the environment of a school or a university campus. The project teams of Richard Crookes Constructions balance the requirement to work progress with least disruption to campus operations. It tries to maintain a clean, quiet and safe educational environment during the process of construction.

Substantial experience has been achieved by Richard Crookes Constructions in delivering key building infrastructure projects of government for the department of commerce, department of corrective services and department of juvenile justice.

Most of the justice projects include court facilities, police stations, correctional centres, juvenile justice centres and administrative buildings in regional locations where the requirement to connect with the local subcontractors, community and suppliers is essential.

Apart from these, projects related to health and aged care, community, refurbishment, fitout and car park are also undertaken by Richard Crookes Constructions.