Handcrafted stone was extensively used to create a relaxed and inviting outdoor setting for a home in Melbourne’s affluent inner suburb of Toorak.

Landscape designers Eckersley Garden Architecture worked with Rhodes Architectural Stone and the homeowners on the design of the garden setting, selecting a blend of antique and newly quarried stone for the outdoors. Antique Salmon Granite and Antique Pewter Granite were used for the stair treads and paving at the home’s entrance to create a warm welcome, and continued in the back garden, extending an invitation to guests to enjoy the rear terrace, encased by overhanging vines, and providing shade and tranquillity in abundance.

“What we love about the garden is not only the relaxed setting, but also the way the exquisite stone elements complement every aspect of the garden itself, and continue to develop a beautiful patina over time,” comments the homeowner, Rachel Robertson.

The barbecue in the backyard is framed in a combination of the Antique Granites, well paired with Golden Dune Granite, finished in handcrafted split face and honed textures, and lined with North Ankar Firebrick inside.

“We’ve spent countless summer evenings outside enjoying our barbecue/pizza oven, with friends and family; it’s such an amazing space,” says Robertson.

Continuing the stone theme, the delightful pool setting is crafted from Heron’s Egg Granite, complete with a pool wall containing custom honed ‘domes’, honed waterline tiles, bush hammered wall caps and a split face veneer.

“The Heron’s Egg Granite cladding beautifully complements the earthy tones of the reclaimed granite planks in the dining/entertaining area,” comments Eckersley Garden Architecture.

“This garden oozes the easy-going charm of its owners. What we’ve created is a beautiful evocative garden that provides spaces for an active and social family. From the vine covered outdoor dining space, to the garden retreat, and enclosed swimming area, the garden offers a series of spaces that merge gently into one another,” adds Eckersley.

The garden design, so beautifully complemented by handcrafted stone, is sure to delight and surprise its owners, their friends, and families for generations to come.