Any residential or commercial project looks a lot more elegant when stone is part of the materials palette. A stone facade or stone paving adds a touch of timeless class to the building and its surrounds. If you are planning to use stone in your next project, read these two tips from Rhodes Architectural Stone that would help you achieve the design outcomes you had in mind.

1. Choose a stone supplier who really listens to you

Instead of someone who delivers standard off-the-shelf stone pieces to your project site, and sends you the bill, you need a building stone supplier who takes on your project as a personal mission, goes the extra mile to understand your needs, and works alongside you to choose the most suitable stone and finish, achieving an outcome surpassing your expectations. This could be the difference between an ordinary outcome and a standout result that is appreciated widely.

2. Seek advice from a genuine stone specialist

When you start researching natural stone solutions for your building project, you’ll soon realise that while there are many businesses that sell stone, not many are true stone specialists. This can make a huge difference to the outcome of your project. 

To choose the right stone, work with a stone specialist who will tell you if your choice is not correct for your project. One who has the depth of expertise to tell you why, and can recommend the stones that would achieve a better outcome in any application.

A specialist can tell you, for instance, which stone types can best withstand different swimming pool filtration systems, or the particular stone types that will best suit exterior or interior applications. You don’t need to know what questions to ask, because they ask them first. They are there to ease your burden, not make you do all of the hard work. You will see the difference in your design outcome.