Inside the gym walls you’ve got to keep it real. This is a place where performance speaks for itself, and those caught faking are certain to be called out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a greased up beefcake that’s deadlifting 350 kilograms, a staunch cross-fitter throwing around skipping ropes and kettle bells, or a yoga fanatic pulling out hardcore poses, everything becomes more intense once you hit the gym floor. The gym floor itself should be no exception.

The high-impact, high-traffic environment of commercial gymnasiums, crossfit boxes and PT studios calls for high-performance products, and as the element that wears the brunt of this impact and traffic, the type of flooring that is specified will be more important to the ongoing success and longevity of the gym than the barbells and medicine balls that are repeatedly dropped on it.

Neoflex REPtiles dual-durometer rubber tiles have been developed to meet the needs of the modern gym providing a versatile, high-performance flooring solution that is built to endure whatever is thrown at it. The surface finish is made of synthetic EPDM rubber with an “orange-peel” like finish for good grip and excellent durability.

Neoflex REPtiles are 1m x 1m in size, reducing the need for excessive cutting to fit the shape of the area, helping to significantly reduce wastage as well as resulting in less time spent on installation.

The tiles are available in thicknesses from 8mm to 30mm and help to attenuate noise and vibrations, because it doesn’t matter how many signs are put up requesting members “Don’t Drop the Weights”, there will always be ‘that guy’.

And just like a gym-rat sporting the latest active wear, the performance of Neoflex Reptiles can be matched only by its next-level aesthetics. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, or the ability to insert permanent custom logos and other graphics, Neoflex Reptiles can take the gym floor to the next level for style and corporate branding.

Neoflex Reptiles are perfect not only for gym applications, but anywhere where a combination of performance and style is paramount, such as branding in retail applications.

Neoflex REPtiles have been used in world-class gyms throughout the world including Brazil, Thailand, Singapore and Sweden, as well as Fitness First gyms throughout Australia, and are available exclusively from Rephouse, Australia’s premiere manufacturer of architectural rubber flooring. 

For more information, download the Whitepaper Specifying Flooring for High Volume Traffic Areas