At Peak Sports and Spine Centre in Brisbane, the focus is on relieving and managing pain to make achieving exercise goals as easy as possible. A multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists, and chiropractors walks clients through the best way to look after their bodies during, before, and after exercise.

The Centre wanted to reflect this guided approach to fitness throughout the building, including on the floors. Their vision was of a smooth, non-slip floor featuring graphics and markings to support and guide patrons in their exercise. To turn this idea into reality, the Centre used Rephouse’s free design service and graphic REPtile product. 

Taking advantage of REPtile’s ability to accommodate customisation without compromising performance, the Centre used the tiles in grey, white, and green to create a bright, high-energy interior. Agility and functional zone markings were seamlessly inlaid into the floor, allowing clients to navigate the space and guiding them through their exercise.

REPtile’s durability, low maintenance, and unrivalled ability to display graphics that are clear and long lasting makes it ideal for fitness applications such as the Centre. It is available in a factory size of 1 x 1m and is supplied in a range of colours and designs.