There’s no denying it – Australians are well and truly on board the health and fitness wagon, and it’s costing us more than ever before. According to The Suncorp Bank Cost of Being Fit report, Australians are forking out $8.5 billion a year on gym memberships, sports equipment and the latest fitness trends.

The fitness industry itself has changed markedly in recent years - not just in people’s level of engagement and financial outlay, but in the variety of ways in which they can do so. While Gen Y has been coined as the gym junkie generation, CrossFit has taken the country by storm - proof that industry trends are received well by keen Aussie fitness enthusiasts at all ages.

Yet with the average Australian spending close to $75 a month on fitness activities and membership fees, gymnasiums and other health club facilities including CrossFit locations must ensure they are providing their customers with premium quality equipment, products and facilities. In a society that continues to expect the best, there’s an unspoken expectation placed on fitness facilities to deliver the goods. However, not only must the latest facilities, products and equipment commonplace in gymnasiums and CrossFit areas ensure customers are getting what they pay for, they must also be safe, durable, hygienic and standards compliant.

Gym tiles play a major role in gyms and CrossFit areas as they often cover majority, if not all of the floor space - forming the foundation for workouts. When you add sweaty bodies, heavy weights and fast, agile movements to the equation, these gym tiles must deliver on safety, durability, resilience, slip resistance, functionality and aesthetic appeal to ensure an enjoyable, effective and safe workout environment for all those involved.

Installing poor quality gym tiles can place gymnasiums and CrossFit locations at risk of safety standard breaches, as well as placing patrons at risk of slips, trips and falls. They can also be difficult to clean and therefore unhygienic, as well as emit an unpleasant smell.

On the other hand, Neoflex™ Premium Gym Tiles provide a substantial leap in performance, durability and appearance from traditional rubber gym tiles, without the rubber smell. They are highly durable, dual-durometer, resilient, slip resistant rubber tiles and are suitable for general fitness gyms as well as CrossFit areas.

Easy installation of the tiles makes them a cost effective choice for a very tough, sound deadening, anti-vibration and comfortable tile surface, and the Neoflex sheet finish moulded to the top of the tile makes for easier cleaning. Not only are they the best looking tile on the market, these tiles are also compliant with a range of Australian and International Standards including fire regulations with published certificates.

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Image: Decoflex and Neoflex fitness flooring