Available from Rephouse Australia , Isodec premium acoustic underlays provide optimum sound and vibration resonance absorption as well as excellent thermal insulation properties.

Isodec is available in two distinct models for either wet or dry location applications. Rubber Underlay is manufactured from 100% recycled rubber and is designed to provide acoustical underlay in wet locations, such as under concrete slabs and ceramic tiles, as well as protection for waterproofing on roofs.

Isodec Rubber Cork Underlay is made of both recycled rubber and recycled cork, for acoustical underlay in dry locations such as under engineered wooden floors, laminate and hardwood floors.

Both models are manufactured using polymerically bound recycled rubber and cork/rubber particles, making them environmentally safe and not health hazardous.

Isodec acoustic underlays are supplied in rolls that are easy to handle and install. The prefabricated roll material is available in a variety of widths, thickness, density and multi build-up layers to suit most construction requirements.