Remedy Asset Protection (RemedyAP) has taken delivery of equipment designed to provide the most precise and accurate colour measurement when assessing protective coatings and paints on architectural steelwork.

Architecturally exposed structural steelwork (AESS) is steel that is exposed to view and considered fundamental to the architectural intent of the structure. Australian Standard 5131 is regularly specified by designers to ensure the fabrication meets certain requirements. While paints or protective coatings are often specified for corrosion protection, the aesthetic appearance is an equally important aspect.

Experienced specifiers will expect a coating supplier to guarantee long-term weatherability of their coating products, which can be determined through various tests. However, the colour and gloss of these protective coatings remain a major concern for consumers.

Testing for colour

RemedyAP has the ultimate equipment for consistent colour control from X-Rite to accurately measure colour.

Testing for gloss

Gloss is an aspect of the visual perception of objects that is as important as colour. Gloss can also be a measure of quality of a surface; for instance, a drop in the gloss of a coated surface may indicate problems with its curing, leading to other failures such as poor adhesion or lack of protection for the coated surface.

Paint assessment

RemedyAP has the expertise to assess all aspects of the commercial and industrial paints and coatings application process:

  • Status of concrete using site testing, covering core sampling, compressive strength, carbonation testing, and depth of cover.
  • Assessment of metal conditions by measuring galvanising thickness, corrosion, pit depth, and ultrasonic wall thickness.
  • Coatings that contain hazardous pigments such as lead, chromates, arsenic, cadmium and similar materials.
  • Coating durability tests, including adhesion, ultrasonic dry film thickness, cracking, flaking, blistering, colour, gloss and defect mapping, which can estimate the expected service life.