Reln Plastics  have introduced the recyclable Reln Slimline 2100 Water Tank. This water tank has a light and strong construction with features that will endear to both the practically minded householder and the conservation aware consumer wanting to save money on water bills, while benefiting the environment.

Made of recyclable polypropylene, the Slimline 2100 features compact dimensions and light weight construction (2250mm length, 820mm width and 1581mm height and 100kg) that make it easy to manoeuvre through doors and gateways thereby simplifying delivery and installation as well as lowering costs.

The injection moulded polypropylene tank incorporates sleek form and low profile that allows it to blend into both period and contemporary homes.

The 2100 litre nominal capacity Slimline 2100 water tanks (2260L total capacity) is available in the popular Colorbond colours merino, mist green, slate grey, mountain blue and heritage red to harmonise with traditional and modern home designs. These tanks comprise of various other features including:

  • Removable wheels to facilitate manoeuvring to location even by smaller people and in compact dwellings
  • Reversible tank lids that can be switched around to fit the location of downpipes around houses and villas
  • Unique lockdown feet that enable it to be bolted to a concrete slab for complete stability, eliminating movement even when the tank is empty and preventing pipes from cracking
  • Rigid internal frames to provide outstanding strength and further stability
  • Tank and all plastic components made from UV stabilised, food grade resin approved to AS2070 (food grade)
  • Sealed construction to ensure water quality, with a snap-lock cover that fits snugly around the downpipe to eliminate entry of dust and any light that could cause algal growth
  • Fine stainless steel mesh in the leaf strainer and overflow add a final barrier to contamination, insects and vermin
  • Complete componentry for simple installation, including water fittings to suit Ø90mm stormwater pipe inlet and overflow 1” BSP outlet and tap