Storm Masta large capacity surface water drainage systems, available from Reln Plastics , are designed for collecting large surface water flows, in light commercial and large-scale domestic applications.

Featuring a high intake class B galvanised steel grate, large 200mm self cleaning channel base and multiple outlets for 150mm PVC stormwater pipe, Storm Masta water drainage systems will ensure efficient and rapid clearing of high flows of stormwater runoff. 

Reln Plastics Managing Director, Nigel Nattrass says, “We are excited to expand the RELN Surfacewater drainage range to now include the commercial size Storm Masta.  Our customers were looking for the famous RELN easy installation but in a larger size. This new product range is the perfect blend of durability, design and performance while maintaining the ease of use that Reln Drainage is known for."  

Key features and benefits of Storm Masta water drainage systems include:

  • RELN easy installation with simple clip together channel and components
  • Manufactured from strong, durable and lightweight Poly Propylene plastic
  • Class B Galvanised Steel Grate with lockdown security
  • Easy clip together joining of channel and components
  • Multiple outlets for 150mm PVC pipe
  • Modular design provides an adaptable drainage solution with 90° Corner