Reln  have introduced the 21st Century Slimline 2100 water tank with the design, durability and compact practicality benefits of a new age.

The light, strong, elegantly shaped and recyclable Reln Slimline 2100 Water Tank is the flagship of Reln’s family of water storage, conservation and re-use products, sold nationally by well-known hardware, plumbing and independent tank suppliers.

The robustly constructed injection moulded polypropylene tank costs typically half the price of older designs while its sleek form and low profile allow it to blend into period and contemporary homes, rather than dominating their surroundings.

The 2100 litre nominal capacity Slimline 2100 (2260L total capacity) is available in Colorbond colours Merino, Mist Green, Slate Grey, Mountain Blue and Heritage Red to harmonise with traditional and modern designs and features many design touches, including:

  • Removable wheels to facilitate manoeuvring to location even by smaller people and in compact dwellings
  • Reversible tank lid that can be switched around to fit the location of downpipes around houses and villas
  • Ideal lockdown feet that enable it to be bolted to a concrete slab for complete stability, eliminating movement even when the tank is empty and preventing pipes from cracking
  • Rigid internal frames to provide strength and further stability. Tank and all plastic components are made from UV stabilised, food grade resin approved to AS2070 (food grade).
  • Sealed construction to ensure water quality, with a snap-lock cover that fits snugly around the downpipe to eliminate entry of dust and any light that could cause algal growth
  • Fine stainless steel mesh in the leaf strainer and overflow add a final barrier to contamination, insects and vermin.
  • Complete componentry for simple installation, including water fittings to suit Ø90mm stormwater pipe inlet and overflow 1” BSP outlet and tap

“With rainfall at an all-time low and the price of water set to rise, there has never been a better time to install a water tank- especially one that blends so well into homes of all sizes, says Reln.

The Slimline 2100 not only qualifies for government rebates, but also is innovatively manufactured to the highest quality standards for long life (including Quality Management System ISO9001 and LIC QEC5189 Standards Australia).”

Reln Managing Director, Nigel Nattrass says environmental responsibility has been one of the cornerstones of Reln's development, a policy that becomes even more important with the Australian Government's release of the Green Paper on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

Reln's proprietary range of products is made from polypropylene or polyethylene. Of all the polymers used by the plastics industry, polypropylene and polyethylene have the most viable second-life application and are the most easily sourced from the waste stream. Where virgin materials must be used, such as in food grade applications such as the Slimline 2100, the products produced are designed to be themselves recyclable.