There are no defined specifications covering polished concrete. The term covers any concrete surface that has a shine. However there is more to polishing concrete than just some grinding and adding a floor coating and buffing up a shine.

Polished concrete, from Regal Floors , is the processing of concrete surface through a mechanical process that uses a diamond abrasive medium, where each step is refined to its pure possible form on a microscopic level from one progressively finer abrasive to the next, until the desired level of polish is achieved.

The process of polishing concrete consists of three consecutive categories: grinding, honing and polishing. Each category is then broken down into multiple steps, consisting of consecutively finer diamond abrasives.

During this process a densifier or hardener is applied that is absorbed into the concrete, creating a chemical reaction that makes the concrete more dense and hard.

The result is an ideal, durable and efficient surface, which eliminates dusting and creates a low maintenance floor. The natural concrete floor can be customised with the addition of dyes or stains to make an ideal finished floor and provides beauty with environmental benefits.

The Eco Village in the southern Gold Coast town of Currumbun is all about the environment and sustainable building.

With strict criteria for design as well as the materials and finishes used, this community plays an ideal position in the green building sector. Polished concrete flooring is being used throughout as a natural choice that fulfils all the requirements.

There are three benefits to green or sustainable building:

  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Overall reduction of a building’s environmental footprint
  • Energy efficiency

Polished concrete addresses all three of these benefits.