Recycle & Composting Equipment together with Sittler manufacturing have been suppling Australia with quality Compost Turners since 1999.

Using a Sittler Compost Turner is a easy and simple way to make compost for sale or as an organic fertiliser for your own crops or replacement topsoil using livestock waste including cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, mortalities etc and combining it with easily accessible products like straw, paper, greenwaste, grape skins, branches etc will give you the ingredients for making good compost which does not take up a lot of your time.

With 3 different models of the Sittler Tow behind Turners available, Recycle & Composting Equipment can certainly help you pick which unit is right for your project no matter what size and Recycle & Composting Equipment’s trained staff will help you with any of your composting questions and will even come out to your property anywhere in Australia to setup your brand new Sittler for you and make some windrows to train your operator/s on the correct way to operate the turner and monitor the windrows.

With any Sittler Compost Turner there is no need for 3-4 ton of concrete to be placed onto the side of your unit to act as a huge counterweight for the machine to be able to be hoisted up vertically in the air just so it can go through your gates.

Sittler units have a simple hydraulic steering mechanism to place your turner directly in behind your tractor and Sittler also has the optional Hydraulic Assist where the tractor can be placed in neutral and the turner will actually push the tractor along at the correct speed.

Hydraulic Assist is only necessary where there is no tractor with the correct gearing for composting.

All Sittler Turners have built in watering systems for ideal moisture content which is so important for compost. Recycle & Composting Equipment also stock stainless steel windrow thermometers and moisture meters for monitoring windrows.

Sittler also make Water Wagons to compliment the Sittler Turners by pumping water into the tunnel of the machine while it is aerating to get the vital moisture not only on top of the windrow, but in the middle and on the bottom too.

Sittler also make Trommel Screens and 3 different sized Spreaders.