LEM 6040 from Recycle & Composting Equipment is a compact, high performance, easy to use Jaw Crusher which is with its 600 x 400mm inlet opening and jaw adjustments from 20 to 100mm makes this ideal for building sites as an on-site primary crusher to minimise the volume of discarded materials including tiles, rock, marble and reinforced concrete or as a secondary crusher to a large, full sized crusher.

Weighing only 6600Kg, the LEM 6040 from Recycle & Composting Equipment is compact enough to take from site to site on the back of a light truck.

You will notice on each corner of the LEM 6040 there are vertical hydraulic rams which slide outward and then can be activated to lift the LEM 6040 up far enough to drive a flatbed truck underneath so it can be transported with ease.

Depending on the output size, the LEM 6040 will produce between 15 to 35 meters cubed per hour and gets fed via a built in Hopper & Conveyer and features a wireless remote control and magnetic belt for removing metal & rio bar.

Made in Italy, these units are well made.