Recycle & Composting Equipment  has presented Sundance Kid III Compact Horizontal Grinder.

With Recycle & Composting Equipment’s patented horizontal, reciprocating ram feed, and its patented grinding process which does not utilise a screen, it is able to grind material such as wet and stringy material that will plug the screens of several grinders.

The Sundance Kid Towable Grinder will grind up to 8” diameter. Uses no screens and can grind up to 20 Ton per hour. Also grinds palm fronds, municipal waste and can even handle brick and tiles from building sites.

The large hopper can be safely hand fed or loaded with a skid steer from either side of the machine. Operator also has the added benefit of a remote control that can be used from inside a skid steer. Recycle & Composting Equipment has 2 brand new units arriving mid 2007.

The Sundance Kid will easily grind;

  • Wet material up to 70% moisture content or higher
  • Typical food waste without plugging
  • Regrind unsaleable chipper chips into a profitable mulch
  • Construction waste at the job site or the yard
  • Typical yard waste - provides quicker compositing due to finer grind
  • Paper and cardboard for use as a bedding material or bulking agent
  • Landscape waste and convert it to valuable mulch or compost
  • Wood waste from pallet manufacturers and lumber yards and convert it to saleable mulch
  • Hard to grind material such as palm fronds and other stringy type materials
  • Regrind compost prior to sale. Eliminate the screening process
  • Tumbleweeds and other problem weeds
  • Will grind down to a 1” minus