Flinders University recently celebrated 50 years with the opening of the new Plaza and Student Hub in March 2016. The building is the University’s biggest redevelopment to date and part of its progression for the next 50 years.

The new Plaza and Student Hub redevelopment was designed to accommodate the ever changing needs of the university’s students, teachers and staff, and includes spaces for study, recreation, socialisation, as well as teaching and learning facilities. It also features collaborative group lounges, conference facilities, and food and beverage outlets.

To accommodate the stringent NCC requirements in the new Student Hub, Raven Products supplied door sealing systems for acoustic separation in quiet spaces for study and learning. In addition, Raven sealing systems also restrict energy loss, as well as the infiltration of dirt, bugs and rodents.

Raven Products produce Australia’s most comprehensive and innovative range of door and window seals and remains one of the most trusted brands in the building hardware industry. Raven’s range of sealing systems are designed and developed through years of unequalled industry knowledge. Together with Raven’s extensive testing certification, it is easy to see why Raven Products was a supplier of choice for the Flinders University Plaza and Student Hub Project.

In addition to strict testing and certification, Raven’s sealing systems are easy to install, can withstand heavy duty use, require minimal maintenance and meet the aesthetic requirements of the toughest architects. Raven also provides vital technical support to architects and builders including certifying authorities as required.

Raven Products first developed door seals in Australia over 65 years ago, and continues to introduce new innovations to this day. With in-house NATA accredited testing facilities and a professional team of engineers and designers, Raven Products can quickly develop new and innovative solutions to respond to the advances in the building industry both here in Australia and around the world.