Devan Water Tanks is located in Tauranga, New Zealand and is a leading water tank and septic tank specialist. The company manufactures water tanks of a high quality, using a process which rotationally moulds the products for both the industrial and domestic water tank markets.

Devan Water Tanks are built incredibly strong and made from internationally sourced highest quality polyethylene, which is guaranteed to be corrosion resistant. They are independently tested by the Plastics Development Centre in Ireland, and are UV stabilized for New Zealand conditions and resistant to algae growth.

All water tanks and septic tanks sold by Devan Water Tanks are fully guaranteed. Offering free delivery throughout New Zealand for all water tanks sold, Devan is making it easy to have a new water tank at your home or business.

Focusing primarily on the leisure and agricultural market sectors since October 1988, Devan Plastics Ltd has been involved in the design, tooling, construction and distribution of a range of rotationally moulded plastic products and water tanks.

The marketing of products had been largely concerned with the New Zealand market, but recently there has been an additional focus toward export, where the company sees considerable opportunity and growth, particularly in operations for the local manufacturing of a variety of plastic products and water tanks.

The product range available is a direct result of an ongoing commitment to research and development, resulting in considerable expertise gained in the design, development and construction of purpose built gas-fired rotational moulding plant.

Devan Water Tanks can be found at the Rain and Water website.