With recent software and hardware updates a Kaleidescape system is now able to store more movies, support more simultaneous streams and provides the ability to sync your music collection to your iPod and iTunes.

Kaleidescape drives available from Rabone Systems , have now been upgraded from 750GB to 1TB expanding the capacity on a single server from 1340 to 1800 DVDs. Cascading servers will support an impressive 100TB of seamless storage or a whopping 15,000 DVDs.

45 simultaneous video or audio streams can now be supported from a single server and with Kaleidescape’s proprietary Raid K format expanding your collection is a simple process.

Taking your music collection on the road is now achieved with ease by the use of Kaleidescape conductor, a simple PC application which provides the ability to sync your music with your iPod and iTunes seamlessly.

Kaleidescape recently announced the support for Blu-ray content in 2009. A new player will be released with a Blu-ray drive and should allow the import and playback of Blu-ray movies, all existing servers will be compatible with the new players.

Byron Rabone, founder and director of Rabone Systems commented,”Kaleidescape is an organisation that has managed to get it right. In a world with new technologies being developed every day, they have protected the investment made by customers whilst still offering new functionality and adapting these technologies.”