Quarella Australia  continue to win important contracts through their dedication to quality, with clients including Hilton hotels and Sydney Airport.

Hilton Sydney

Working with the hotel group's design team, Quarella Australia have supplied, fabricated and installed vanity bench tops, mirror surrounds, mini bar bench tops and splash backs for 75 suites, and there is another 75 to go.

The group combined quartz 'Duo Moreno' and marble 'Ambra' floor and wall tiles (300mm x 600mm x 12mm) with coordinating custom-made Wash Line solid stone shower bases.

T2 Sydney Domestic

The $20 million upgrade for Sydney Airport's Terminal 2 has seen Quarella Australia supply all the hard flooring finishes for the air-side and land-side Arrivals and Departures sections of the airport.

Working closely with the Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL), Quarella Australia supplied 300mm x 600mm tiles in marble 'Aida' and Gemme quartz 'Magnetite'. The award-winning project recently netted Woodhead Architecture two awards at the Property Council of Australia's Innovation and Excellence Awards.

"The success of the architecture and interior design for Terminal 2, which uses height and light to give the terminal a cleaner more streamlined feel, has been reflected in its overwhelmingly positive reception by passengers and now this further recognition by the PCA through the Innovation and excellence Award," says Woodhead Aviation Principal David Holm.

T1 Sydney International

Building on these successes, Quarella Australia have been selected to be part of the five-year master plan for the ongoing refurbishment of Sydney Airport's Terminal 1. The project includes upgrading the existing Departures hall and construction of a brand new Departure level, including food courts and amenities land-side and air-side. To date, Quarella Australia have supplied over 37,000 square metres of marble 'Aida' and Gemme quartz 'Magnetite' at Terminal 1 as the project gets underway.

Quarella Australia's longstanding association with well-known companies like the Hilton group and successful appointments to such projects as Sydney Airport's T1 and T2, are testament to their commitment to maintain a high standard of continued project support together with total service offering to supply, manufacture and install.