The ongoing pandemic presents new challenges to businesses across all sectors of the economy worldwide. As the Coronavirus wreaks havoc on industries, businesses and life as we knew it, it’s become clear that companies that adapt to the ‘new normal’ will set the standard and succeed past the crisis.

Many industries are undergoing momentous changes in response to the outbreak, which will also make sure they are better prepared for the next crisis. One significant development is the growing need for agile and resilient engineering solutions with antimicrobial properties to provide better protection against the transmission of microorganisms while reducing the threat of cross-contamination.

Currently, the world relies heavily on alcohol-based sanitising products to effortlessly deactivate microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and mould. While these products are useful to prevent the growth of such pathogens, they are only effective for a maximum of two hours post-application, after which any new contamination poses a fresh risk of infection. To address this shortcoming, companies are developing innovative coating solutions to permanently inhibit the spread of microbes on surfaces.

Bio-Guard Coating, developed by Pylon Coatings is a dedicated range of antimicrobial coatings incorporating the Biomaster antimicrobial technology. When a Bio-Guard protected surface is exposed to bacteria, the silver ions in the coating attack the microbes in three ways: They bind to the bacteria cell wall preventing growth; they stop bacteria from producing energy; and they interrupt the DNA, preventing replication. If a bacteria cell cannot grow, produce energy or replicate, it dies.

Surfaces that have been protected with Pylon’s Bio-Guard Coating will also reduce the cross-contamination risk while improving decontamination and maintenance procedures.

The innovative Biomaster antimicrobial technology is based on silver ions, which have been known for their natural antibacterial properties since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Historical evidence points to the widespread use of silver in ancient times to treat wounds as well as to purify water for drinking – ship captains placed silver coins in storage barrels to keep drinking water fresh while early settlers in Australia placed silver forks or spoons in their water tanks. Silver has been used throughout history to prevent growth of bacteria without the high toxicity associated with other metals.

Having pioneered the use of silver-based antimicrobial additives, Biomaster is now the recognised leader in antibacterial additive technology. Biomaster has been tested in hundreds of applications to provide up to 99.99% reduction of harmful bacteria.

When manufacturing Bio-Guard Coating, the Biomaster antimicrobial technology is dispersed throughout the batch, making it an integral part of the coating structure. This offers permanent, highly active antimicrobial protection 24/7 for the lifetime of the coating.

Pylon’s Bio-Guard Coating has been independently tested for antimicrobial efficiency by one of Europe’s most recognised microbiology laboratories to meet ISO 22196 standards.

Bio-Guard is available in a broad range of colours, clear finishes and gloss levels to meet specific application requirements. The Bio-Guard Coating range is popular within the joinery industry; however, Pylon’s research and development laboratory offers tests on various substrates where increased levels of hygiene are fundamental.

Pylon Coatings is a third-generation Australian made and owned company that is dedicated to developing, supporting and supplying premium quality coating systems for a wide range of industries. Formulation and manufacturing experience, combined with high business ethics, innovation and stringent quality control methods has resulted in continual growth for the company.

Pylon’s highly qualified technical team constantly interacts with industry professionals to stay abreast of global trends, resulting in the development of premium coatings, efficient application systems and state-of-the-art technology.

The Bio-Guard Coating range is one of Pylon’s latest innovations for commercial and residential environments that are at high risk of contamination. Pylon has appointed a selection of qualified ‘accredited applicators’ for the Bio-Guard Coating range.

Pylon Coatings managing director Ron Pajor says, “There is an increase in demand for antimicrobial coatings due to the pandemic and the fact that most Australians are now more than ever conscious of living in a more hygienic environment.”

Backed by 70 years of experience, Pylon Coatings is proud to continue supporting the Australian manufacturing industry and will continue to strive to provide innovative solutions for a safer future.