Pryda Australia supplies a redesigned range of strap brace tensioners as part of its ongoing product evaluation program.  

Strap brace tensioners are used to tighten flat strap steel bracing for roofs, walls, ceilings and floors. Unlike angle bracing, strap brace tensioners save onsite labour time as studs do not have to be notched.  

The new range of strap bracing systems features improved tensioning qualities and is quicker and easier to install than before.  

Important enhancements for the Pryda strap brace tensioners include a deeper saddle for improved tensioning capabilities, smoother edge finish for better manual handling and unchanged pricing and pack quantities.  

Pryda strap brace tensioners are available in two tensioning options. The nutsert or hexhead version (SBT100N in packs of 30 or 100) is preferred by builders as all it involves is a quick insertion of the drill bit in the M6x30 bolt and pulling of the trigger to complete the job.  

The alternate wing nut, washers and T-bolt version (SBT and SBT100) comes in packs of six (with five per carton) or 100.