Pryda Australia announces a new flooring system that helps reduce build time in the construction industry through quick installation.

Designed to benefit both clients and builders, Pryda’s latest flooring innovation can be fully installed in an average of two to four hours and is immediately ready for walls and roof trusses. 

The introduction of Pryda’s trussed floor cassettes is part of a year-long launch of new products to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary and its position as Australasia’s most trusted timber truss and frame solution company. 

According to Pryda’s General Manager, Mr Paul Gaiardo, the expert Pryda team developed the timber floor cassettes in response to the construction industry’s constant need for faster, more cost-effective ways to build. 

He explains that the floor cassettes significantly reduce the time taken to install a flooring system, taking just hours instead of the days required by a concrete slab. The floor cassettes also equal the cost and quality of traditional methods, and can be used on both the sub and first storey floors.

The new prefabricated floor cassettes combine all the elements of a flooring system including floor trusses, strong backs and particle board flooring into large but manageable floor panels. They are lifted into place using a mobile crane or crane truck to create an entire floor in a matter of hours. 

For subflooring applications, Pryda has joined forces with a concrete-free foundation system called Surefoot Footings wherein posts of any size are grounded without the need for digging, excavation or cement, eliminating the traditional curing time required by concrete posts or strip footings. 

Surefoot employs piling technology using a combination of skin friction and point bearing. A patented steel plate secures pins in place, resulting in a foundation spreading over a great surface area and achieving larger load capacities. 

Mr Gaiardo says that the concrete-free foundation and Pryda floor cassettes together enable a complete foundation and subfloor to be delivered and installed in less than two days by a single supplier.

In trials conducted by Pryda, a 133m² subfloor platform consisting of 10 trussed floor cassettes was fully installed in four hours, compared to the four days it would have taken to install the traditional timber subfloor originally specified in the plans. Additionally, an 82m² first floor platform consisting of six cassettes was installed in just two hours, compared to the eight to 10 hours it would have taken to install the floor trusses and flooring separately. 

By trimming days from a construction schedule, builders can take on extra work and realise additional profit without increasing overheads or compromising quality. They can also benefit from faster processing of progress payments for completing the foundation to framing stages. 

On the other hand, clients benefit from a faster handover and settlement.