Pryda Australia  has developed a new range of top mounted beam hangers designed specifically to comply with West Australian building practices.  

The BBT125240 beam hangers were developed in response to a call from industry with regards to sometimes less than adequate fixing of LVL strutting beams on site.  

The beam hanger aids in the connection of large sized strutting beams placed at angles up to 60 degrees from the perpendicular.  

A key advantage is that builders and designers now only need to use the one hanger for multiple applications. The new beam hangers can be used with a large range of beam sizes and connecting angles or splays.  

Another major highlight for builders is that the Pryda top mounted beam hanger provides superior uplift resistance when compared to more conventional fixings and is a more economical method of forming these connections.  

The BBT125240 beam hangers have been thoroughly tested and rated and now have published load values including wind uplift capacities.  

The hangers, conveniently sold with the required Type 17 screws are easy to install and available from reputable timber merchants.