Preston Group  (NSW) recently supplied a range of construction props to the Katoomba Marketplace Redevelopment Project.

The $19.8-million project is run by Walton Construction, and involves the redevelopment of the previous Coles and Kmart complex into a redesigned Woolworths and Big W marketplace. Redevelopment of the complex involves additions and alterations to the pre-existing structure with Preston's construction props ensuring the structure of the complex remains intact during the process.

Preston provided 250 props of varying load capacities to support the walls of the complex during roof removal. More props will be supplied when work moves onto the redevelopment of the car park of the complex to provide 420 car spaces. The Preston props will be used to support the ground floor while this stage of construction takes place.

Preston construction props, including the Preston Superprop are available for hire across any Preston branch in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

Preston’s props are ideal for supporting framework, walls, ceilings and overhead structures during construction work, and work in conjunction with their Superdeck loading platforms and superminicrawlers.