Premier Slate Products  was formed by two experienced roof slaters who were keen to improve the supply and competitiveness of roofing products available to the slating industry in the Sydney area of Australia.

The founding directors of Premier Slate Products have a combined history in quality roof slating that amounts to over 50 years. Together they have laid slate roofs from the smallest terrace house to grand manor houses, carried out heritage restorations and have completed many minor repairs to slate roofs.

Technical advice, roofing details and slate samples for architects, builders and home owners are available on request from Premier Slate Products. Premier Slate Products cannot design a roof, but when a customer has a slate roofing problem they can advise him on a slate roofing solution and the options available to him on how to get over the problem.

Premier Slate Products have presented to the Australian slate roofing industry the Penrhyn heather blue slate, produced by Welsh Slate. This is a fine roofing slate.

Key benefits to having a Welsh slate roof are:

  • Appearance - it will give any building the ageless look and charm that only a slate roof can achieve
  • Long lasting - when fixed with copper nails the roof will be good for over 100 years, this is a historical fact
  • Resilient - Welsh Penrhyn heather blue slates are colour fast and non-fading
  • Fire resistant - they are not a fire hazard and can be used in high fire risk areas