The build quality and durability of the Dash 7/7A wheel loader range, available from Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia , has gained global recognition.

Increased steel thickness and the absence of plastics have led to the Hyundai 7/7A series wheel loaders being well accepted in the materials handling and quarrying industries. The wheel loaders were introduced to the world stage at Bauma in 2007, with units hitting the Australian market shortly after.

The Hyundai range of wheel loaders has six basic models from 1.8m³ (10t) to 5.1m³ (t) capacity. All models of wheel loader have all-steel bodywork with no plastic components, such as engine hoods or mudguards, meaning the tough, robust and durable loading machines are ideal for use in applications where they must withstand daily impacts and nudges. Hyundai wheel loaders have become popular in recycling and waste handling, screener and crusher operations, as well as loading and unloading ships, barges, trucks and containers.

The wheel loader’s basic design can be adapted to the various applications they might encounter during their long working life.

Hyundai 7/7A series wheel loaders can be operated with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand on the control lever. Hyundai dedicated design effort into reducing the need to reach for other levers or switches as much as possible. The control lever itself is designed to enable switching between forward and reverse at the push of a button and to activate the ‘kick-down’ function, which releases extra power when travelling.

The graphic display of the dashboard features a user-defined menu, allowing for easier use and interpretation. Optionally, the image from a reverse camera can also be shown on the display. The wheel loaders also feature comfortable seats, Icy A/C, heated outside mirror and ample storage, making them a safe and pleasant piece of equipment to operate.

Maintenance workers appreciate the new cooling fan, which can run in both directions. The fan can be switched to run anti-clockwise for maintenance purposes and this draws dirt out of the ventilating slots and cleans the cooler, maintaining cooling efficiency. The light automatic mode reduces gear changing times by 20 per cent, therefore reducing fuel consumption and enabling more effective operation.

A central greasing system is installed by most of Hyundai’s customers, as are extra protective skid plates mounted and application-specific tires. For instance; to meet the customer’s demands, Dutch Hyundai dealer Van der Spek recently repainted an entire HL730TM-7 with a special anti-corrosive paint. The machine is used for loading and unloading salt and fertilizer from sea freighters. Low pressure tires and a carbon filter were also installed to ensure the maching was perfectly suited to the application.

Hyundai listen to their customers and offer a value for money solution and a no nonsense approach.