Hyundai is launching a line-up of six rollers into the Australian compaction market at the end of this year.

To be sold through Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia (HCEA), the Australian distributor for Hyundai equipment including excavators, wheel loaders and skid steers, the new vibratory rollers are designed for safety, comfort and premium performance. The new line-up includes two tandem vibratory rollers and four single drum vibratory compactors.

Marketing Manager Robert Pearson says the new rollers will match the current equipment range for quality and reliability. Hyundai Heavy Industries ensures any new products meet the standards expected of a leading construction equipment manufacturer. It was part of the development specification that the new rollers matched or exceeded the features of leading compaction equipment brands.

Robert explains that all the rollers in the new line are designed to incorporate the latest in technology and deliver leading performance. Each model is robust and backed by the high quality Hyundai support that customers have come to expect from HCEA.

Tandem vibratory rollers 

The two tandem vibratory rollers in the Hyundai range include the HR25T-9 (2.5 tonnes static weight and 1,200 mm drum width) and the HR30T-9 (3.0 tonnes static weight and 1,250 mm drum width). 

Both machines have a 50mm drum offset, giving extra coverage and allowing them to compact against a kerb while turning. Key benefits include built-in operator comfort and safety, excellent vibration isolation, seat belt and arm rests as standard for the seat, which also slides to enable the operator to view either edge of the drum when working against a kerb or in tight locations, as well as safety features such as a ROPS roll bar as standard and a seat contact switch and emergency stop. 

A pressurised interval sprinkler system with a large tank ensures that a full day can be completed before refilling, while high quality dual scraper blades on each drum prevent build-up of material. A hydrostatic drive to both drums provides smooth operation and excellent gradeability of 30% in vibration mode, or 35% in static mode.

The vibration system on both machines offers dual frequency and the options of single, double and automatic drum vibration, so that the operator can either select the degree of compaction required or allow it to be handled automatically. Four front working lights and a rotating beacon have been provided as standard to equip the Hyundai rollers for night road works common in Australia. A lockable dashboard provides security when the machine is left on site overnight.

Single drum compactors

The four single drum vibratory compactors available in Australia include the HR70C-9 (7.1 tonnes static weight, 1,700 mm drum width), the HR110C-9 (11.2 tonnes, 2,100 mm), the HR120C-9 (12 tonnes, 2,100 mm) and the HR140C-9 (13.8 tonnes, 2,100 mm). 

Similar to the tandem rollers, Hyundai’s single drum rollers have been designed with operator comfort in mind. Features include an air conditioned ROPS cab with tinted glass, and a turntable operator seat offered on the largest three machines, allowing the operator to be positioned with a line of sight to either drum edge. Standard four front working lights and a rotating beacon have been provided in the single drum rollers.

Close attention has been paid to traction on the Hyundai single drum compactors, starting with hydrostatic drum drive as standard on all machines, and an oscillating articulation joint that ensures good ground contact even when the surface is uneven. A proprietary control system automatically adjusts tractive force between the rear axle and drum to maximise overall traction, and this is complemented by a differential lock on the rear axle. 

The lock automatically disengages when turning, and automatically re-engages when turning is completed requiring no intervention from the operator.

Machine maintenance has also simplified with routine maintenance points accessed through a wide-opening engine hood. The articulation joint has been designed to be almost maintenance-free, and the dual amplitude vibration system has large exterior bearings running in an oil bath, providing for extended service intervals while also being readily accessible for servicing.