Furukawa hydraulic hammers available from Australian distributor Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia allow contractors to break through almost any material while minimising stress to the excavator.

According to John Peagram, Market Development Specialist, Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia (HCEA), the new Fx series Furukawa hammer meets all the needs of contractors with features such as quiet operation and excellent performance. Most materials can be broken with just a short, sharp burst, causing less stress on the excavator.

Contractors who would previously never use a hammer on their excavators because of the stress factor are reconsidering after experiencing the Furukawa hammer.

John recently visited the Furukawa manufacturing facilities in Japan, where he observed the high level of quality control at the factory, which ensured high standards for the final product. He explains there is rigorous quality control at every stage, including removing one in 10 breakers from the production line and testing them virtually to destruction to ensure that they meet the high Furukawa standards. 

Furukawa worked with the Technical University of Tokyo to redesign the impact mechanism to reduce the transfer of vibration to the excavator. This, along with the fully closed frame and soundproofing kit contributes to the low noise levels. Additionally, the hammers have a valve for adjusting the oil pressure and gas pressure, which allows the Fx series to be matched to a wide range of mini excavators.

The Fx series hydraulic hammers are also built for low maintenance with the design minimising the number of parts and ensuring that wear parts can be replaced readily. The mono-block design eliminates a separate cylinder, front head and through-bolts. A large diameter piston and replaceable cylinder liner and front bushing are some of the other features of the hammer.

HCEA will soon launch a customer care program for Furukawa owners that will involve field training in setting up and operating a hammer, as well as maintaining the equipment. Customers will be advised on choosing the right size hammer for the job, and using it correctly. 

Furukawa supplies its hydraulic hammers with a spare moil, a gas recharge cylinder, a tool kit and a handbook with the correct settings and information for maintaining the equipment.