Polymer Engineering  offers surface coating emulsions for surface coating industries. Surface coating solution from Polymer Engineering includes pure acrylic emulsions, styrene acrylics, PVA copolymers, dispersants, cement modification polymers and thickeners.

Polymer Engineering supplies ceramic tile adhesives in a wide variety which includes cement based tile adhesives, flexible two part tile adhesives, modified cement based tile adhesives, premixed acrylic base flexible mastic tile adhesives, waterproofing, grouts, primers and additives, etc.

Cement based tile adhesives from Polymer Engineering includes Tilebond, Tilebond off-white and Tilebond white. Modified cement based tile adhesives are available as unibond and flexibond. Premixed acrylic base flexible mastic tile adhesive are available as Acrybond grey and Acrybond Mastic. Grouts are available as wonder grout, RLA smooth grout, RLA grout and RLA course grout.

Polymer Engineering offers comprehensive range of speciality products which includes carpet backing fabrics, drum and can sealants, foaming machinery, cement modification, moulding compounds, carpet underlay, Bitumen modifying polymers, gel foam products, carpet finishing equipment, etc.

Polymer Engineering offers innovative range of adhesives that adheres to quality standards and specifications. Polymer Engineering offers solutions that exceeds the expectation any specific requirement.