Polymaster provided a customised solution to Australian energy pioneer Santos that would allow robust and reliable storage of groundwater containing dissolved gases.

A leading name in gas exploration, Santos has been discovering, developing and delivering natural gas to the people of Australia and Asia safely and sustainably for more than 60 years. The company sought a solution that would be able to hold 100kL of groundwater from their gas extraction processes at Injune, near Roma QLD.

Polymaster worked with Santos contract engineers to develop a custom-made storage solution that maximised integrity and longevity, while also meeting their strict performance and specification criteria.

Polymaster’s 50,000L industrial PE tanks met Santos’ requirement thanks to a number of unique design features. The two heavy-duty industrial tanks would minimise breakdowns in the demanding environment of a gas drilling mine-site. The self-supporting roof was necessary as the groundwater being contained in the tanks held high levels of dissolved gases, which if released into the atmosphere, could cause a pole-supported roof to collapse.

Polymaster’s scope of work encompassed product development, manufacture, installation and delivery.

The unique Polymaster stiffening support cones for flanged outlets were a welcome benefit for Santos engineers. “Your cone system is the best nozzle reinforcement system I’ve currently come across on the Australian rotomoulded tank market and the secondary containment it offers is definitely an added benefit,” commented Santos senior integrity engineer Simon M.