Eighteen rainwater tanks were supplied by Polymaster to the Linfox Property Group to help the company with their rainwater harvesting efforts at Essendon Airport.

Linfox is Australia’s largest privately owned logistics company that is rapidly expanding throughout Asia and New Zealand, and operates in 10 countries. The company has two new airline hangars constructed at Essendon Airport. The roofs of these hangars can potentially capture a huge amount of rainfall, particularly under heavy rain conditions.

Looking to tap into this significant rainwater harvesting potential, Linfox sought a solution that would help them store a minimum of 400,000 litres, which would then be used to irrigate the vast areas of the surrounding landscape.

Polymaster, through their distributor, supplied eighteen rainwater tanks, each with a storage capacity of 22,500 litres, complete with welded fittings and expansion joint bellows. These quality rainwater tanks also allowed Linfox to address the issue of certain size restrictions in the designated area.