The Expona Commercial range of vinyl tiles from Polyflor features visual reproductions of natural materials and abstract designs, complete with innovative finishes and various textures. Designed to deliver the best ‘first impressions’ in diverse commercial environments, the vinyl flooring range is ideal for retail, office, hospitality and healthcare settings, and even homes.

The Expona Commercial range offers excellent choice with 80 shades spanning a range of wood species and stone varieties to showcase the raw beauty of natural materials as well as abstract patterns, each featuring a complementary surface texture for an authentic experience.

Wood collection

The wood collection in the Expona Commercial range features an array of timber designs on vinyl, offering a mix of tones, subtlety, size and variation. The wood floor replicas include Natural Brushed Oak and Wild Teak for a warm vibe as well as Dark Recycled Wood for more contrast.

Stone collection

As popular as wood for a flooring choice, natural stone is brought to life on vinyl with Expona Commercial’s contemporary collection of natural mineral designs. Choices include clean and rustic stone effects, strong slate designs and raw industrial surfaces. Swatches such as Fossil Stone or Amazonian Slate offer a cool neutral palette that beautifully replicates the unpredictability of these natural materials.

Abstract collection

In addition to natural materials, the Expona Commercial range includes a series of abstract patterns in the form of creative and graphic interpretations inspired by modern-day design. Liquorice Parchment is a great textured print for sophisticated commercial settings while Black Textile offers a softer, fabric-like platform to suit aged care facilities.