Plastral Pty Ltd supplied PLEXIGLAS noise barriers to the EastLink project, one of Melbourne’s largest urban road developments. The transparent PLEXIGLAS Soundstop noise barriers not only maintain natural views for local homeowners and off-highway commercial businesses but also provide much-needed noise reduction for the community.

PLEXIGLAS Soundstop noise barriers were specially developed for use in noise control installations, delivering a range of benefits to the application site. In addition to being easy to form and fabricate, the PLEXIGLAS Soundstop range can withstand weathering from UV exposure, retaining both clarity and strength for many years. The transparent material also comes with a 30-year non-yellowing guarantee.

PLEXIGLAS Soundstop is available in different grades to meet a variety of requirements, with options provided in terms of extremely large sizes, and various thicknesses and colours. PLEXIGLAS Soundstop GSCC noise barrier sheets, for instance, are recommended for bridges and overpasses as they incorporate an integrated fragment retention system. When impacted by a vehicle, polyamide filaments hold the broken sheet together, preventing fragments from falling below.

All PLEXIGLAS Soundstop noise barrier sheets can be provided with various functional surfaces for specific applications. The XT Birdguard noise barrier – the latest addition to the Soundstop range – comes with integrated bird protection stripes.

EastLink urban road project

Plastral supplied approximately 4000 square metres of 20mm thick PLEXIGLAS GSCC Tinted noise barrier glazing panels for the EastLink road project in Melbourne. The integrated fragment retention capability of the filament reinforced PLEXIGLAS Soundstop GSCC noise barrier was a major safety consideration during product selection since the panels were to be mounted on overpasses for the roads below.