The LG air conditioner from Pivot Stove & Heating includes series such as A12AW2, Ceiling Cassette Fixed Speed, Ceiling Cassette with Inverter, LG Art Cool Air Conditioner, Multi Head Air Conditioners, Portable Air Con DAC12005, Portable Air Con DAC15HC, Premium Air Conditioners, UV30 Floor Unit, UV36 Ceiling Convertible, Window Type Cooling Air Con and Window Type Reverse Cycle. The wood fire pizza ovens variety offered by Pivot Stove & Heating comprises of FirePit Cooker, Pizza Oven 1000Deluxe, Pizza Oven 1200 Commercial, Pizza Oven 700 Fire Dome, Pizza Oven 750Deluxe, pizza Oven Garden, Pizza Oven Geodome, Pizza Oven Koala XL and Pizza Oven Tuscany.

The electric heater variety from Pivot Stove & Heating comprises of BF30DX, BF39DX, F42DX, Burlington, Electraflame Baxter, Electraflame Bianca, Electraflame Kenton, Electraflame Unit Only, Electric Patio Heater, Flameglow FG115, Flameglow FG250, Flameglow FG350, Heatstrip, Michigan, Narvik Nova, Navarra, Siemens Electric Panel, Timra, Valencia and so on. The outdoor living from Pivot Stove & Heating consists of Chiminea Bronze, Chiminea Butterfly, Chiminea Candle, Chiminea Jumbo, Chiminea Origional, Chiminea The Mini Cookon, Chiminea Weave, Electric Patio Heater, HotSpot Portable, Out Door Wood Fire Heatmaster, Patio Heater Black, Patio Heater Deluxe and so on.