Pierre Le Roux Design  specialises in custom made steel work. Some of the other offerings from Pierre Le Roux Design include signage, architectural metal work and sculpture. Pierre Le Roux Design has undertaken a number of projects in various fields like architecture, sculpture, signage, screens, mailboxes and wine racks. Some of the sculpture projects handled by Pierre Le Roux Design are Spyx 2004, Evolve 2004, Twin Flame 2005, Flax 2005, Twin Flames 2005, Erupt 2006, Organic 2006, Blade 2007, Pod 2007 and Ripples 2007.

Signage projects are also undertaken by Pierre Le Roux Design. Some of them include Corten and Stainless Steel- Hawthorn, Corten Stainless Steel and Copper- Hawthorn, The Elms- corten and stainless steel, Cafe Italia signage Carlton Melbourne, Corten Laser Cut signs, Corten and Perspex- Olinda and more. Pierre Le Roux Design has also undertaken several mailboxes projects like Corten Mailbox with Copper Numbers- Canterbury, Stainless Steel Mailboxes- Toorak, Corten Mailbox- Hawthorn and more.

Additionally, wine racks managed by Pierre Le Roux Design include Stainless Steel Buffed Finish 200 bottles, Stainless Steel - 120 bottles and Stainless Steel Buffed Finish 2 - 200 bottles. Pierre Le Roux Design has also handled various screen projects like Maples- corten screen, Seaweed screen- corten, Perforated Steel Panels- Malvern and more.