Architectural and LED lighting systems from Philips Lighting are helping travellers overcome jetlag issues at the Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) Experience Lounge in Oslo Gardemoen Airport.

The new SAS lounge features architectural lighting and focus rooms equipped with Philips connected LED lighting systems that enable guests to personalise the lighting to suit their needs. The lounge also includes a room with a special daylight boosting light designed to energise passengers before they fly out.

Cilla Nordenberg, Concept & Development Manager at SAS Group explains that the next generation lounges aim to create a unique experience and an environment that meets the needs of their travelling guests. She adds that the ability to impact or accentuate mood through ambience and physically energise people through light underlines SAS’ commitment to serve the needs of their travellers. 

SAS offers a total of 19 lounges at airports in the Nordic region, Europe and the US, which are available for customers travelling in SAS Plus or SAS Business and to all EuroBonus Diamond or Gold Members. 

The SAS Experience Lounge

On entering the Experience Lounge, visitors are welcomed by two Philips Luminous Pattern walls artistically representing the twinkling night view of a city as a plane comes in to land. A wellness room and an innovation hub featuring Philips luminous textile panels in addition to three rooms equipped with Philips Hue LED lighting systems as well as a room containing a ‘Daylight Booster’ complete the spacious lounge.

The rooms with Philips Hue LED lighting allow travellers to personalise the light settings to their own needs; for instance, the lights can be set for an optimum reading experience, to concentrate, or to help people relax and unwind before departure.

The ‘Daylight Booster’ room imitates natural daylight with a bright white light from a surface three metres away. Natural daylight not only makes travellers feel alert but also energised as it strengthens their biorhythm, helping them combat jetlag. The Daylight Booster room provides a natural energy boost, quite similar to addressing Seasonal Affective Disorder or ‘winter blues’ with light therapy. 

Observing that light plays an important role in how people actually feel, Astrid Simonsen Joos, Market Leader Philips Lighting Nordics says that a key objective for the lounge lighting was to create a positive and memorable experience for guests by energising them before they travel or offer them a space to relax and recharge.

The Luminous Patterns wall and Luminous Textiles are controlled by the Philips Dynalite System, which enables precise control of the lighting and ambience creation.

Philips Lighting systems installed at the SAS Experience Lounge in Oslo Gardemoen Airport

Five Philips luminous textile panels, one 11-metre-long (corridor) and one four-metre-long (entrance) Philips Luminous Patterns wall, 127 Philips StyleiD PerfectBeam, 80 Philips LuxSpace Accent, and Philips Dynalite System. The focus rooms have been equipped with three Philips Hue White Ambiance 5.5W GU10 and three Philips Hue Color LightStrip Plus systems.