Philips Lighting introduces a new easy retrofit replacement solution for 12V dimmable halogen lamps.

The new MASTER LED dimmable MR16 7W is the latest in Philips’ series of low voltage halogen spot replacement lamps, offering silent operation, multiple beam angles, a long lifespan and significant energy savings of up to 80%. With no internal cooling fan, silent operation is assured while a variety of beam angles including a 60° range offers a clearly defined beam spread.

Philips MASTER LED dimmable MR16 7W lamps feature a unique, patented embedded electronic solution that ensures compatibility with a range of standard 12VAC halogen electronic transformers. Unlike conventional halogen reflector lamps, the new LED replacement lamps have a long average lifetime of up to 40,000 hours (or equivalent to 25 years if lit continuously for 4 hours a day) ensuring minimum maintenance costs.

Delivering a warm, halogen-like beam, the lamp is an ideal retrofit solution for spot and general lighting applications in hospitality, retail and residential environments. It is particularly suited to public areas that require continuous illumination such as receptions, lobbies, corridors, stairwells and washrooms. The absence of IR or UV in the beam also makes it the perfect solution for light sensitive objects.

The MASTER LED dimmable MR16 7W is an easy retrofit replacement for Philips’ halogen spot GU5.3 MR16, and available in a range of colour temperatures and beam angles.

Features of Philips MASTER LED MR16 7W LED lamps include up to 80% energy savings compared to Philips halogen 35/50W MR16; long average lifetime of up to 40,000 hours; retrofit into a vast majority of GU5.3 based luminaires; patented intelligent driver enabling broad compatibility with existing electronic halogen transformers; dimmable; fan-less design; 24, 36 and 60-degree beam angles; CCT of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K; no IR or UV radiation; environment-friendly, without mercury or any other hazardous substances; and RoHS compliance.