Dynalite  have introduced the second generation of their Revolution Series of user control panels. The Dynalite Revolution Series 2 user control panels feature an innovative slim-line design and are compatible with a multitude of wall boxes from all over the world. The units feature a wide variety of grid and button configurations, including dynamic text display, and can be provided in nearly any fascia finish.

Two Revolution Series 2 models can accommodate global wall-box requirements, the DR2PE for UK and European wall-box dimension standards, and the DR2P for the US and Australian equivalents. Each region-specific Revolution Series 2 panel has been tailored for installation in space-critical wall boxes, while at the same time, delivering optimised performance.

According to Phil Main, Business Development Manager, Dynalite, the team of engineers and designers from Dynalite have developed a lightweight and slim-line panel using the latest materials and space-saving components.

Phil Main said that the majority of the intelligence has been built into the panel itself. Rather than crowding the entire surface area of the back of the panel, the protruding components have been localised in one area. This is especially critical in achieving compatibility with the smaller European wall boxes. Such compact and innovative solutions simplify and fast-track installation.

The new Revolution Series 2 user control panel is available in a wide range of grid and button configurations, colours, cover finishes and backlighting options. Panel fascias can be provided in any architectural surface medium, including non-metallic, glass or stainless steel finishes, while button caps can be engraved and backlit with white or ‘sunset orange’. This provides flexibility in décor matching.

The Revolution Series 2 user control panel suite is a key element of Dynalite’s end-to-end solution-set. This complete and fully integrated distributed control system comprises a full range of controllers, multi-function occupancy and light-level sensors, switches, a PC-based graphical control and monitoring interface, plus Dynalite’s sophisticated peer-to-peer communications serial bus network, DyNet.

Like all Dynalite technologies, the Revolution Series 2 user control panel suite is founded on Dynalite’s distributed control philosophy, where control intelligence is distributed about the network in a modular fashion and linked through the DyNet network. Equipped with a built-in programmable logic controller (PLC), the Revolution Series 2 suite can process conditional and sequential logic and arithmetic functions onboard.

The Revolution Series 2 user control panels are not reliant on third-party controllers. All programming is stored in the unit’s on-board intelligence. If the panel is disconnected from the DyNet network, it will retain its programming.

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays can be incorporated into the panel, allowing for dynamic text display. Installation is simplified through a selection of wiring termination options, including RJ12 DyNet sockets, and the panel’s screw-less fascia-plate design further enhances the panel’s stylish appearance.

Dynalite can customise the panel to user/application specifications. With a multitude of standard and optional features, Dynalite’s Revolution Series 2 user control panel suite provides advanced lighting control.