Philips Dynalite marks its 25th anniversary with the release of the latest model in its range of Antumbra user interfaces. Philips Dynalite is one of the world’s leading innovators in integrated lighting controls and building automation solutions.

Philips Dynalite’s latest release in its multi-award winning range of Antumbra user interfaces, the new AntumbraDisplay represents a new standard in both design and engineering, combining buttons and a central LCD screen display to allow users to take control of their environment and adjust the lighting, blinds, audio visual system or air conditioning to meet their exact requirements.

Recommended for residential, commercial and hospitality projects, the new LCD display informs the user about current room temperature and AC set point, lighting levels, fan speed, blind position, and room status along with offering the capability to personalise these settings.

Rob Fletcher, General Manager of Philips Lighting Australia and New Zealand explained that the new AntumbraDisplay was developed using a collaborative approach to ensure the display set a new standard from both design and engineering perspectives. Following wide consultations with Philips global design teams as well as customers and partner network, Philips Dynalite in Australia helped produce a contemporary user interface that embodied the brand’s design philosophy of superior quality, form and usability.

According to Philips Global Product Manager, Daniel Walker, by incorporating an LCD display screen, AntumbraDisplay increases both the functionality and usability of the interface. With each user interface featuring over 20 function points, Philips has opened up a range of new and exciting application possibilities that will have significant appeal, particularly for those in the residential and hospitality markets.

The completed Antumbra range now comprises of the AntumbraButton, AntumbraTouch and AntumbraDisplay. The Button model is a mechanical button-press UI, while the Touch variant uses capacitive glass touch technology and the latest Display is based on the Button concept, but with the addition of an LCD screen.

Customisation is a key aspect of the design in the continuously evolving Antumbra range with customers offered a wide selection of finish options for fascia, rims and buttons including a new aluminium metal button finish. An online tool has also been launched to allow users to be creative with their very own panel design.