Period Details  are an Australian owned and operated company specialising in original or reproduction classic or period style decor, including lighting, furniture, and fireplaces.

Period Details have a range of fireplaces available, including gas, wood, and electric. All of Period Details electric fireplaces are easy to install and can often be done on a DIY basis.

These period style electric fireplaces do not require a chimney or flue, and most units only require a powerpoint to run.

There are a range of finishes, styles, sizes and heating capacities available, one of which is the Malvern with a tileless Edwardian fascia, which features a black swinstead electric firebox. Installation of this electric fireplace is straight into a cavity or existing fireplace, and with an additional mantlepiece, this period style heater will make the ideal focal point for any living space.

The Malvern period style electric fireplace measures 965mm high, 965mm wide, and 295mm.