To comply with Food Safety Standards all food premises and food vehicles must have their own Food Safety Program based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). The Food Safety Program should ensure that the premises, appliances and utensils used to prepare food will be kept clean and sanitary. This is a condition of registration for a business in the food industry.

The Peerless JAL Food Service Sanitation Program focuses on the important issue of cleanliness. The sanitation program has a number of effective methods to assist a business in the implementation and maintenance of an effective cleaning program. The sanitation program not only promotes good hygienic practices it can also direct the customer to the appropriate chemicals and cleaning products developed specifically for food industry use.

Peerless JAL believe that implementing an effective cleaning program should involve the following:

  • Determining HACCP
  • Determining the method and frequency of cleaning of HACCP areas
  • Implementing training so the operator can clean effectively
  • Determining the equipment and chemicals needed to clean efficiently