Standing at 9.5m tall and with a capacity of seven megalitres, Sydney Water’s Chatswood Reservoir is one of two riveted steel reservoirs built in the late 19th century upon completion of the Ryde Pumping Station. The cylindrical steel reservoir is part of a 1999 State Heritage Register listing for Chatswood Reservoirs, and is significant for its riveted steel construction and the technical advances that it represents.

Recently, refurbishments of the heritage listed tank saw the removal of layers of paint and industrial coatings to allow for a fresh new coat. To undertake this delicate task, contractors engaged by Sydney Water chose Peel Away 8, a patented paint removal system specially formulated to remove multiple layers of paint and surface coating from substrates including steel.

The Peel Away system, which has been in use in Australia for over 25 years, releases no toxic fumes, and safely removes multiple layers of paint- including lead and Asbestos paints - in a single application. The Peel Away paste is applied to a painted surface and covered with a special laminated cover. The time taken to strip the coatings does vary: most surfaces will require 72 hours before removal (longer times for heritage listed or very old buildings). The paper is then peeled away with the aid of a scraper, and then washed thoroughly with water, using a nylon brush and sponge to remove the residue from the surface.