The Peel Away paint removal system was used to remove multiple layers of paint on the brickwork of heritage buildings in Wacol, Brisbane.

Used as a teaching school, this array of heritage buildings in Wacol had multiple layers of paint on brickwork. Seeking to expose the brickwork without causing surface or mortar damage to the heritage structure, the architects used Peel Away 1 to remove all the layers of paint and restore the buildings to their original brickwork.

A revolutionary patented concept in paint removal, the Peel Away system has been specifically formulated to remove multiple layers of paint in one clean fast application.

Key benefits of the Peel Away system include ability to remove up to 30 layers of paint in one application; safe lead and asbestos paint removal; no toxic fume emissions; less labour intensive process; assurance of substrate protection; and ability to remove multiple coats of oil, lead, enamel, asbestos paint, polyurethane and wallpaper.

The product is supplied with Peel Away paper sheets, application spatula, application guide and product datasheet.