Available from Pattons Awnings , water seal shade sails are unique to the shade sail, awnings and blinds market. This shade solution can change the look and feel of indoor and outdoor entertainment areas and offers features to home owners that cafes and restaurants have enjoyed for years.

Water seal shade sails have become increasingly popular in home renovations and new constructions and an ever increasing amount of restaurants are making their alfresco dining areas bigger, encouraging extra space.

Pattons water seal shade sails can be used in the home to make the most of limited outdoor space while the water tight seal prevents water coming over doors. These shade sails not only transform outdoor landscapes but they also provide a peaceful setting throughout all seasons.

The water seal shade sails have a seamless finish that hides all fixture points and areas and minimal fall can also be accommodated.

Marine grade fittings are used to ensure the longevity and reliability of the water seal shade sail and a short installation time means the benefits of the shade sail can be enjoyed sooner.

Pattons 3d concept drawings will also help to visualise the final outcome before it happens.