A recent report suggests that sunshades could be the last resort to save the endangered Great Barrier Reef.

It is said that scientists are now considering covering and shielding the Reef's coral from harsh UV rays. This last ditch to protect the endangered Reef calls for swathes of cloth that would be anchored with ropes to float on the surface to shield coral from sunlight, thus preventing them from bleaching.

The report cites Nature Climate Change's findings that global warming has led to rising temperatures up to 2ºC. The report suggests that global warming is also to blame for the 60% increase in surface ocean acidity in the last three centuries.

The moral of the story is that sunshades play an important role in not only protecting people, but also the environment. Sunshade products come in a variety of styles, types and configuration. Patton's Awnings, for instance, provides:
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  • boat covers
  • theatrical supplies and ground cloths
  • blinds
  • upholstery
  • custom covers
Pattons Awnings is one of Australia's leading sun protection specialists. The company design products according to individual specifications and all sunshade equipment offer effective solar and UV protection, living comfort, privacy and style.

By choosing Patton Awnings' sun protection products, you will benefit from:
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Outdoor shade sails will extend your outdoor living space and help transform your outdoor area into a relaxing and perfect entertainment space. Pattons shade sails are the perfect solution for outdoor protection and privacy.

Custom made waterproof sails add value to the home and provide a comfortable and trendy outdoor living area. Patton's waterproof sails are the ultimate defence against rain and heat.

Awnings provide shade coverage and weather protection, and have been engineered to the highest standard. Choose from folding arm awnings, fixed awnings, drop down awnings and retractable awnings.

Pattons custom made fabric solutions are highly durable, unique and can be tailor made to cover individual requirements. Custom covers are suitable for any application including BBQ, chairs, swimming pools, bikes, vehicles, patio furniture, just to name a few.

There is a range of colour, fabric and trims to choose from to compliment the environment and decor.