Pattons Awnings  offers Triax, a revolutionary coupling roofing system that allows flexibility and endless possibilities.

Triax is a unique system in that the pre tension of the fabric is contained within the engineered frame. This enables tensioned membrane roofs to be installed onto buildings which may not be suitable to more traditional waterproof structures or shade sails, especially where structural integrity is an issue.

Triax coupling roof systems can be wall and roof mounted or freestanding. Gutters, clear blinds, bistro blinds, café blinds, mesh blinds and heating and lighting can be added to the structure. Triax is adaptable to allow a fully customisable structure. Pattons recently installed a Triax roof system at the Sydney Flying Squadron outdoor dining area.

This installation has dramatically increased the all weather seating capacity of the club and the area is now able to be used during rain and provides shade during hot days.

Anita McMahon, Secretary Manager SFS said, “The new roof Pattons installed is amazing. It has increased our dining area and the patrons love it. I could not recommend this system more highly”.