Available now from Parisi Doorware , OMPorro Miniature Magnetic Flush Pull Handles are ideal for fitting on wooden doors and shutters.

Designed with two internal magnets which enable the central hole to return automatically to its rest position, these miniature magnetic flush pull handles easily adapt to any door thickness from 30mm - 65mm and feature an easy grip contour design and magnetically controlled movement.

Magnetic flush pull door handles from OMPorro are available in three types, each requiring a 48mm diameter hole. These types are:

  • recessed into each side (door thickness from 35mm to 65mm)
  • recessed with plane interior surface (door thickness from 30mm to 55mm); and
  • recessed with interior knob (door thickness from 30mm to 55mm).
These magnetic flush pull door handles can be mounted with adhesive or screws, or back to back. They are available in eight classic, modern, and PVD finishes and have variable functionality thanks to the "patent keyhole".