Palm & Tree Services  offers palm tree removal, tree lopping and tree topping services. Tree lopping is the process of cutting the tree down to ground level and tree lopping is the process of cutting half portion of the tree. Palm & Tree Services conducts its tree lopping, pruning and inspecting operations in a safe and secure manner using quality equipment. Palm & Tree Services uses special ropes and working saddles for its tree cutting operations. Palm & Tree Services uses standard devices, shackles, pulleys and rated ropes for its rigging operations.

Palm & Tree Services offers removal services for cutting down uprooted palms trees. Palm & Tree Services also provides report writing and assessing services. Palm & Tree Services also offers special services in improving the condition and vigour of trees. Palm & Tree Services offers soil treatment services for improving the growth of the trees. The specialised probes used by Palm & Tree Services helps in supplying the required air for the roots of the trees.

Palm & Tree Services provides quality service in removing large and difficult palm trees. Depending on the location and condition of the tree, Palm & Tree Services implements specific cutting strategies for removing trees.